Who am I? 
This may seem like a strange question for a dog to ask itself but it my case many humans questioned my breed all the time! Everywhere we walked, people would stop and chat to my mum which would always result it them saying "ahh isn't she pretty" to which my mum responds "thank you but he prefers handsome" and then the dreaded question "what breed is he?" 
Well the answer was Jack Russell x Chihuahua.......  
Then came the shocked faces, the inquisitive looks and comments like "are you sure?" and " he looks more like...."  
It didn't bother me! I was getting lots of attention which of course resulted in cuddles and everyone who knows me, knows I love a cuddle. Mum and dad weren't bothered too, they humoured the question and love me just for being me and not my breed. However at Christmas mum's secret Santa gave her an amazing present, a dog DNA testing kit. 
Mum and I investigated the kit. It had two sticks with fluffy bits on the end (mum said it was similar to a cotton bud), an envelope and instructions. Mum read the instructions and then she told me that she wanted to put the sticks in my mouth, one for each side. This wasn't the nicest feeling but it didn't hurt and lasted seconds. The sticks were then put in the envelopes and sent off to lab to be tested. 
We waited about two weeks for the results! They arrived via e-mail and consisted of a certificate, family tree and description of each breed and its traits. It turns out that I have no Chihuahua in me whatsoever!! 
I am actually Cairn x Jack Russell with a hint of Maltese and Biewer Terrier and when mum read the traits of these breeds quite a few things starting making sense. For example "Cairn Terrier loves to play" and "always alert and quick to announce guests", "Jack Russell's tend to be extremely intelligent, athletic, fearless, and vocal dogs", "Biewer Terriers seem oblivious of their small size" and "The Biewer Terrier is a wonderful companion! They are affectionate with their masters" and lastly "Maltese are good at learning tricks if they feel sufficiently rewarded". Mum says having all these traits makes me the wonderful dog I am. However I think having a mum and dad like mine, who take care of me and love me unconditionally as I do them, makes me the dog I am. 
In short we are all very lucky to have each other and we wouldn't change it for the world! 
Oh and now mum and dad can tell people my breed with confidence, does it stop the inquisitive looks? No! People still question us but hey who cares, I am who I am. 
I hope you enjoyed learning more about me and my heritage. Just for fun, what breeds do you see in me? 
Until the next adventure.....  
Love Titch 
Me as a puppy 
Me all grown up 
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On 29th March 2021 at 15:18, Janda Sullivan wrote:
I love this and all of those traits are definitely you Titch. It would be interesting to find out about your friends too x
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