Today I want to tell you about the day I had my photo shoot with Potters Pet Portraits
Mum thought it would fun to have some professional photos of me, not only for this site but also for the wall at home. YES I've made the wall at last! 
The day started off as a normal Saturday. We visited mum's dad and step-mum for their weekly bootcamp session and then we went home to get me ready for the photo shoot. To be honest I had been to the groomers on the Wednesday before so I was looking pretty smart even if do say so myself. However mum thought I needed and brush, especially my ears. for some reason. 
As the studio was only a mile away from our home, mum decided it would be nice to walk there. I wasn't complaining, I loved going on walks. 20 minutes later and we had arrived. Mum pressed the door bell and Lisa came at met us. Lisa and her husband Jon run Potters Pet Portraits, they started the business because of Lisa's love for dogs, well all animals really. 
I was made to feel so welcome from the start. Lisa said I could have free run of the studio so I could get comfortable with the new surroundings and I certainly made the most of this. Mum was made a cup of tea and made herself comfortable on the sofa. Turns out she knows Jon from school so they began chatting, meanwhile Lisa got her camera and took a few shots to see how I reacted to the camera. This did not faze me at all, to be honest I was just lapping up all the lovely comments Lisa was making about me. 
Lisa asked mum what tricks I do and before she could answer I was twisting away. This is a trick my dad taught me, where I spin round in circle, its one of my favourite things to do if treats are involved. Mum also told Lisa about "down" and "up". Lisa got me to show off my tricks and she fed me treats. Now I know this was her way of earning my trust but I was not complaining. 
Next Lisa got out some props, first up was a wooden box. I jumped on and off the box, sitting and standing while Lisa clicked away and giving me treats every now and then. Then Lisa wanted to see if I would get inside the box for some shots but I was too exciting to be sitting in boxes so we moved on to a decorative chair. I got up on to the chair and did "down" as if i was chilling on the chair but my insides were buzzing for more treats but I don't think you can tell in the pictures, proving I'm a natural at this modelling game! 
More shots on the box with a different background, Lisa mentioned she has many backgrounds of different colours but for my shoot she used white and black. Then we did a couple of shots on a luxury dog bed, it was really nice but in my opinion it was not a comfy as my bed at home. Up next was a bean bag, now I love a bean bag. We have a red one at home which I tread round and round on to fine my comfy spot. On the bean bag I laid down and Lisa got some lovely head shots of me. A different chair next followed by some shots in my jumper knitted by dad's mum. Lisa advised that mum should bring any items of clothing, I personally don't a lot of clothing as it's not really for me but I do like my jumper for winter walks. 
Then came a challenge, Lisa had this fab and interesting idea to get me to burst through some paper in a frame. It became clear early on that I was not just going to burst through it at will, I mean who would! So with Jon's help holding the frame, Lisa made a small hole and mum held me up to it. I put my foot through it and as if by magic I was bursting through that frame. 
We were coming to the end of the shoot and Lisa had one last request of me, would I pose with a Harry Potter style scarf? Of course for a few more treats this was not an issue. Lisa is a huge Harry Potter fan hence the name Potters Pet Portraits and wants offer other fans Harry Potter themed shoots. I didn't have a problem with the scarf and posed up a storm in it, I think it made me look very dapper. 
Who knew after all this excitement that the day could get any better. Once the shoot was over, Lisa very kindly gave me a new toy, that I could take home and keep. Fantastic, I couldn't have been happier. 
Mum was so proud of me and couldn't believe how well I took to it. We both would love to do it again some time. 
I want to say a huge thank you to Lisa for a wonderful afternoon. 
Do you think I could crack the doggy modelling world? 
Until the next adventure..... 
Love Titch 
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On 13th April 2021 at 15:23, Janda Sullivan wrote:
Awww love this Titch, you do make me laugh 🤣.
You always take such a fab picture 🐾 x
07814 569797 
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