My Mum likes to talk, I don’t think she will mind me saying that! 
Dad has always thought Mum must talk to herself a lot when she is alone but this isn’t entire;y true. We have many moments at home, like when Mum is busy around the house or we are cuddled up watching TV where we she is a quite as a mouse. However it’s true Mum does talk to me. I don’t understand everything she says but that doesn’t really matter, if she is happy, I’m happy. We have recently found out that talking to your dog can be good for you. Here are some of the reasons why: 
Learning emotional cues 
As I said I don’t understand everything Mum says but I can get a feel of her emotions, this is because picking up emotional cues is much easier for a dog then learning vocabulary. Dogs will use your facial expressions, body language and the tone of your voice to work out what kind of mood you are in. Have you ever been sad and your dog has come over to comfort you? Or has your dog done something naughty and giving you those guilty puppy eyes? Yes, this is because your dog has picked up on these cues and is responding in return. 
A problem shared… 
Dogs are fantastic listeners and talking aloud can be good for your health. Talking to your dog about a problem or concern can make you feel better and even help you work through it. After all your dog will not judge you and a problem shared is a problem halved. 
Improves the bond 
The bond between you and your dog is very special. It’s a relationship built on mutual love and respect. Some dogs will feel comfortable with you immediately but for others the bond takes a little longer. Hearing positive praise from you such as telling them how pretty or smart they are will help build the bond and keep them engaged. 
Combats loneliness 
Whether you live with a large family or on your own, loneliness or feeling isolated can be an issue for many. Having a dog is not only gaining a pet but also a new family member and best friend. Just knowing that someone is always at your side and always listening, although they cannot talk back can turn those times of loneliness into moments of contentment. 
So, in short next time you find yourself talking to your four-legged friend, tell yourself it’s ok your improving your mental health and making them happy at the same time. A win win for everyone! 
Until the next adventure.....  
Love Titch 
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