Oh my, oh my, what a great day I have had!! 
It was a lovely sunny day and we were driving along many winding country roads in car with no roof on our way to a new adventure. Mum informed me it was going to take about an hour to get to our destination, I don’t really have a concept of time but it didn’t feel like a long journey and to be honest it wouldn’t have mattered as I was enjoying the ride, feeling the warmth of the sun and the wind through my fur. 
We arrived at Canine Dip and Dive Club and mum told me that I was to be going swimming. I haven’t been swimming before. I am not one of these dogs that must jump in every puddle or dash towards the sea at the beach but I saw mum’s excited smile along with her reassurance that she too would be coming swimming and I felt much happier about giving it a go. 
As we walked across the field to the very large structure which I assumed was the pool, I also saw a caravan like the one we have at the gliding club and two humans who were smiling and waving to us. The humans were Jo and Andy who run Canine Dip and Dive, they were both lovely, giving me lots of attention and cuddles. They asked mum a few questions, I believe they were about me as mum said my name a few times and then it was time to get in. 
I went up some steps and I was a top of a huge ramp, it was quite scary and I wasn’t too keen to go to the edge near the water. Mum and Andy got in the pool and tried to entice me to come closer. I am going to be honest, I wasn’t sure about this swimming idea! The pool looked big and deep and I wasn’t sure what I was supposed to do once I got in but then as all these thoughts flashed through my head, Andy picked me up and gently put me in the water. 
Brrrr I felt the cold water and started moving my paws and low and behold I was swimming, I swam to mum and tried to climb up her for a cuddle. Once a short cuddle was given, I was back in the water swimming back towards Andy. Again, and again I swam in small circles from Andy, around mum and back again. I heard Jo say that I looked like an otter, hmm not sure what an otter is but mum was smiling so I’m guessing its not a bad thing. 
A few more circuits completed and it was time to get out. The pool has an enclosure around it so I had the opportunity to have a good run around to warm up and dry off. Mum disappeared into the caravan and as if by magic came out in dry clothes. 
All in all, I enjoyed my swim and would be happy to have another go. Jo and Andy were great and made me feel very welcome and calm. Mum also enjoyed herself. 
Here a few facts I heard while I was there: 
1 - A 1-minute swim equates to a 1 mile walk for dogs, Canine Dip and Dive will not and allow a dog to swim for more than a maximum of 20 minutes. 
2 - Canine Dip and Dive offers solo swims like mine but they also offer, puppy and senior classes and Buddy’s pool party which is for a group of up to 5 dogs and may include Jo and Andy’s dog Buddy. 
I hope you enjoy looking at the pictures of me swimming, do you think I look like an otter? 
Until the next adventure..... 
Love Titch 
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