Today I wanted to share with you all my favourite toys.  
I have lots of toys, a whole box full to be exact but there are six I play with more than the others. 
Let me introduce these toys to you. From left to right in the main picture we have Aubergine (Aubi), Cow, Frog (he's my newest toy, I got him from mum and dad for Christmas), Carrot, Hedgehog or Hedgy at the front and nearest to me in Chewy. 
As you can see I have a particular interest in soft toys over hard ones. I do have a few hard toys but I prefer the softer ones as they are much easier for me to throw about as I play. Most of my toys do have a squeaker in but I don't continually play with this part of the toy which I'm sure mum and dad are very pleased about. 
I do love a good game of fetch with my toys. Mum and dad throw them from the sofa out in to the hall and I race of to fetch them. Quite often I don't bring them directly back but prefer to have a good tussle with them. I can be quite rough and although I don't chew them as such, occasionally the stuffing falls out. Mum is great, she understands how important these toys are to me so she fixes them. 
If I had to pick my number one toy, it would be Chewy (pictured with me here), he was given to me by mum's brother Tom and his wife Amy as a Christmas gift some years ago now. Chewy is fantastic! He's soft and light, great for throwing into the air as I play. I know he's my favourite because he has had to be repaired once or twice, thanks mum. 
I hope you have liked looking at my favourite toys, do you have a favourite? Are you like me into soft fluffy toys? Is it hard chewy toy that gets you excited? Or is the classic tennis ball is your thing? 
Until the next adventure..... 
Love Titch 
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