Today I thought i would introduce you all to my best friends. I'm so lucky to have so many doggy friend's to have adventures with. 
Introducing Lilly and Lambig (pronounced Lombic), this lovely pair live with mum's mum and i love visiting her house because she has a very large garden for us to play in. 
Lambig is my oldest friend at 15 years young, he is a Lulu Pomeranian who enjoys naps and a good back rub. Lambig is from Brittany in France hence his name which is a Breton cider that is distilled into whisky and he can understand English and a little french, making him my only bilingual friend. 
Lilly is a Miniature Poodle and is 12 years old, she was a Christmas present to mum's mum from her, her brother Tom and her grandparents. Lilly and I have a love hate relationship, i love to play and wind her up and she hates me for it! Well I personally think she pretends to hate it, as every now and then I see a glimmer of her playful side. 
This is the very playful Harley, she is a Cocker Spaniel and she is 2 years old.  
Harley lives with mum's brother Tom, his wife Amy and their children Mia and Foster. They live by the seaside which is great for runs along the beach and dip in the sea if we fancy it. 
Harley is super playful which if I'm honest I find a little annoying especially when we first meet and I have to tell her that it's not cool but she doesn't always take the hint. She also has a caring side, which was apparent at Christmas. when I was poorly with a gut infection. Harley sat with me and kept me company, she really looked after me. 
Harley may be young, spirited and bouncy (all the things I was at her age, ask Lilly she will confirm I was just as annoying) but I really wouldn't have her any other way and I'm looking forward to see how our friendship evolves in the future.  
Snoop and Rocco, the lads! 
These boys are fantastic and we have lots of fun when we get together. 
Snoop is 8 years old and a American Short-legged Beagle, Rocco is 4 years old and a Miniature Dachshund who live with mum's step-sister Laura and her partner Mike. 
I met Snoop first, we are the same age (Snoop is 5 months older than me but who's counting....) and we have been best buddies since day one. We would meet at mum & Laura's parents place and charge about for hours and hours. 
The gang became complete when Laura met Mike and in turn we met Rocco, who may be small in stature but big in personality. 
We are all very boisterous and enjoy a good play fight together. I really couldn't ask for a better bunch of lads to hang out with. 
Meet Polly, she is a Miniature Poodle and is 10 years old. Polly lives with dads parents. 
Polly and I had a difficult start to our friendship, I was a young exuberant pup who if I'm honest was a complete pain towards Polly who was not use to that kind of behaviour. 
As time past and I calmed down, Polly and I became friends and now we get on better than ever. We like to charge about her garden but we have to be careful when we play as Polly has a very delicate back..  
Our favourite thing to do is share chews, we each have a chew and take turns in chewing each others. Every now and then when Polly takes her eye off the one she is chewing I grab it from under her nose hehe. 
And last but but no means least, Bella! Bella is 2 years old and a Cockerpoo who lives with mum and dads best friends, George and Tasha and their girls Ellie and Katie. 
Like Harley, Bella is very playful and bouncy. Also like Harley, Bella can be a bit too playful for me and at this point I look to mum to save me. When she refuses I have to put on my big boy pants and tell Bella enough is enough, again she doesn't always get the hint! 
When we all get together its usually so our humans can enjoy dinner together. Bella and I also have dinner, with me eating hers when I visit her and she eats mine when she visits me! 
While dad and George enjoy a "few drinks" and watching Top Gear episodes or playing GT on the PlayStation, we enjoy long walks with mum and Tasha. 
My favourite thing about going to see Bella, is Tasha! She always gives me treats! 
I hope you enjoyed meeting my friends. What adventures do you and your friends go on?  
Until the next adventure..... 
Love Titch 
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On 5th April 2021 at 19:16, Janda Sullivan wrote:
I love this, love hearing about all your friends Titch, you’ve got lots of them and they all have great personalities by the sounds of it.
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