Even I, as a dog, know that January is a depressing time of year. The excitement of Christmas is very much over and the weather is dull and cold, so when mum and dad told me that we were going for a short break with Alex’s parents and their dog, Polly I was excited. 
I get to see Polly regularly and she is one of my best friends but this was the first time we had been on a weekend away together. 
Our journey began Friday evening, mum and dad got home from work and we were off almost immediately as mum is very organised. I was very excited in the car as I knew we were going somewhere but due to the night drawing in and the unfamiliar roads my destination was a mystery to me. After only an hour in the car, we had arrived at our rented accommodation in Thorpeness, Suffolk, and was met by Alex’s dad and Polly. Polly gave me the guided tour, the place was small but there was a courtyard to the front, looking over the boating lake and a courtyard between the main house and the annex. There was also plenty of sofa space for me and Polly to relax on, dad’s mum had come prepared and brought throws to cover the furniture to ensure we didn't damage them or make them dirty. 
Once we had settled in, it was time to get some food the human contingent of our party. We went to the local pub, The Dolphin Inn which was a short walk from the house. This was my first chance to sniff out my surroundings. The pub was lovely, it had a smaller separate section they called The Snug where we could sit for our meal and a larger restaurant that Polly and I were not allowed in. I also spotted several water bowls for our use. 
The food must have been good here because we came back Saturday evening and for Sunday lunch, this was not a problem for Polly and I as we were having fun making new friends as the place was very popular for dogs and their families and the treats were a bonus. 
After filling our bellies and a good night’s sleep, Saturday dawned. Polly and I had our breakfast and then we went to the beach for a runabout. The beach in Thorpeness is a pebble beach. it was a very windy day but that did not stop Polly and I having a great time. We ran up and down and even met some other wind braving dogs to play with. Dad walked down to the sea, I tagged along but I’m not a fan of going in for a paddle nor was he that day, I’m sure it would have been very cold. 
Following our walk, we want to The Kitchen, a small but busy café situated directly opposite our house for everyone else to get some breakfast. This place was nice and very friendly towards your four-legged friends. I couldn’t resist a little bark to let everyone know I had arrived! Attached to the café is The Emporium, a treasure trove of antiques and knick-knacks, well that’s what mum called it. All of us could wander around and look at all the things, mum brought a woolly bobble hat and Alex’s mum got a new handbag. 
Our next adventure took us to Aldeburgh, famous so dad said for its fish and chips. A short five-minute drive along the coast we reached our destination, where we enjoy a walk along the seafront and through the town. Aldeburgh is bigger than Thorpeness and the high street has several shops, pubs, and cafes, not forgetting the famous fish and chips which were purchased by dad and we went to the sea wall to enjoy them. Hmm, I’m not allowed fish and chips but this doesn’t mean that I won’t try my best puppy dog eyes to get some and when that doesn’t work I occasionally take my chance with a cheeky grab while no-one is looking. Mum had taken her eyes off me for a split second to get some chips when I saw my chance to grab a bit of fish from her other hand!! It was yummy I must admit and lucky for me mum saw the funny side of the situation so I didn’t get in too much trouble. 
Sunday was our last day in Thorpeness, and what a day it was. We all went on a long walk following a path that took us past, the Thorpeness Windmill, the House in the Clouds, and The Thorpeness Golf Club & Hotel. Polly and I enjoyed this walk as we could be off lead for the most part except for when we walked through the Golf Club. Although it was windy, this walk was sheltered and the sun was shining bringing with it some much needed warmth. I had a very exciting moment when I saw and chased a Muntjac deer, of course, I didn’t want to hurt it! I wanted to play but it did not want to play with me and from the stern tone in mum's voice, as she called for me I realised I had to give up and return to mum and dad. Having not realised Muntjacs would be present, mum spent the remainder of the walk keeping a close eye on me to ensure I didn’t do it again. 
After all this excitement and mum and dads bellies full of roast, it was time to head home. It was lovely that it was only a short drive as we were all tired from all the fun we had. I hope Polly and I have many more weekends away together especially if they are all going to be as fun as this one. 
Until the next adventure..... 
Love Titch 
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On 22nd April 2021 at 08:12, Teresa Colclough wrote:
Sounds like you had a really great weekend and what a great place and so welcoming for our 4 legged friends. Definitely worth a visit!
On 21st April 2021 at 13:00, Janda Sullivan wrote:
Sounds like you had a great time Titch, lovely that you and Polly were so welcome everywhere and had such fun and long relaxing walks.
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